Be in harmony. Be different. Adjust. Move online.


Being humans we adjust to the current environment finding the better way to stay self-conscious and yet efficient. Showing care and respect to the others we coexist in harmony, knowing that we are strong when we are together.


District 108 invites you to its ONLINE DISTRICT 108 CONFERENCE that will take place in new format that unites the world in these turbulent times. We are moving online!


Get ready to meet not only the four divisions of District 108 but guests from all over the world, so amazingly different and distinct. All united under the District 108 online conference banner: "HARMONY IN DIVERSITY"!


Grasp this amazing opportunity to dive into the diversity and harmony of the multinational District 108 and the huge world beyond its borders full of bright speakers and leaders. See you in May, 23-24 ONLINE!

Due to the cancellation of in-person conference, now ALL District Members will be able to watch our amazing finalists without paying the conference fee!

Please, use the form below to register asap if you want to join the biggest event in our District in 2020 

After the registration, you will receive your individual invitation to the conference.

See you there! 

© 2020 Toastmasters International D108 Team

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