ARTIS Centrum Hotel

Totoriu str. 23, Vilnius 01120, Lithuania

+370 65633113 (English, Lithuanian, Russian)

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What is Harmony in Diversity?

An incredible place where all 4 Divisions from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland 

will meet for District 108 Annual Conference 2020.

About the Conference

Two Days of Powerful Talks
22-23 May 2020

Be in harmony. Yet be different. 

That’s the perfect principle that keeps people evolving, the world moving & the ball rolling. 

Being so diverse we coexist in harmony, knowing that we are strong when we are together.

We invite you to the DISTRICT108 CONFERENCE that will take place in the eclectic city of Vilnius, Lithuania, where you will meet our four divisions! Each amazingly multicolored and distinct – all united under the District banner! 

We invite you to the conference that is flavored by a key-note speech by the 2nd place winner of the World Championship of Public Speaking 2019 – LUISA MONTALVO! 

Grasp this amazing opportunity to dive into the diversity and harmony of the multinational District 108 full of bright speakers and leaders.

See you in May, 22-23 in Vilnius! 


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